Sunday, January 6, 2008

To The Dragons Reborn

To The Dragons Reborn Cover They say the flame wrought winds are dead;
Ethereal dancing, jeweled wings - no more.
Monolithic rationality is the head.
Noble dreams and works - shattered, torn.

Their world was theirs - never doubt.
But the magic and power faded away,
When the light gave way to spiritual drought
and Oppenheimer replaced Morganna Le Fay.

But in some Strange souls they found a home:
Those inspired, lost, exiled castaways.
Music and verse and The Craft are the bones
Of these long lost archetypes of elder days.

And it takes a mere seed to create an oak,
and music and light, rain and mirth,
bridging land and sky with it's growth;
fulfilling the call to renew the Earth.

So nurture these dragons who live within you-
The Burning has ended and they may go free.
Let them grow so that Their Work may continue.
An it harm none, do what ye will - Blessed Be!

Jeff A. Bordeaux 3 January 1989

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