Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Fool

The Fool Cover By: Stormy Gael

Fool! Fool! Fool!
Where is thy strength now oh mighty warrior?
In the hands of another?
Oh trusting fool that thou art,
Have you no experience to teach you better?

Thou hast lived many years.
Where is thy wisdom?
Even the youths know better.
Keep your own counsel, old one,
And be safe; share it and die.

Stand alone against the world
And increase your strength a hundredfold.
Build you thine own armor and fight;
Forge thine own sword with the blood of life
And none can touch thee.

But you, you fool,
You have put your trust in another,
A veritable stranger in your own camp.
Who is the wiser? I ask,
The giver or the taker?

Methinks you tread a dangerous road.
Walk easy, old one; pay heed to your steps.
Perhpas there is hope, yet.
Survival may still be yours,
But at what price?

A price I willingly pay.
Enough said, young counselor.

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