Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holly And The Ivy

Holly And The Ivy Cover The Holly King has ruled us
All Through the waning days.
As chosen of the Summer Maid
Through the autumn's chill he stays.

But the Holly King must fall
As is the ancient way.
And the Reborn Sun, the Oaken King,
In turn shall have his day.

As wren gives way to robin
And fall to winter tide;
The dying sun to newborn sun,
And the Darkness turns to light.

The holly bears a prickle,
As sharp as any thorn.
And the Mother bore the Holy Child
On Solstice Day in the morn.

The Holly and the Ivy,
Now both are full well grown.
But the Holly King to the Oaken King
Must now give up the crown.

But as the year wheel turneth,
The Oak King has his sway,
Soon the battle's fought and the Holly King,
Again will have his way.

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