Monday, September 7, 2009

How Far

How Far Cover How far do you walk
and where do you go
for it happens so often
this walk that you do
that it's peaceful to know
it is only for you.
While on this Earth-walk
our conscious becomes alive
and it's Through this awareness
that we can survive.
So, I ask you now in all seriousness
where is this place of Trust and Innocence
that we are told so often, Really exists.
So try not to struggle and be balanced in Thought
for it doesn't matter at all where you will start
The secret you'll find is to stay True to Yourself
so you can be you and nobody else.
Our lives are a gift for us to embrace
So my question to Thee?
Is why do we hate.
I don't know why
It's so hard to explain
The Beauty and Peace even the Pain.

(c. Roy Rindom, January 26, 1993)

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