Friday, November 6, 2009

Catholic Spirituality

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Originally uploaded by *sugar*. O The Ever-present Glorious Lord,

All praise belongs unto You.

Let my heart sing Your praise ceaselessly.

O The Most Aware,

Surely You are aware of my poor heart.

Bless it, evolve it to Your liking.

O The Originator,

Take my heart to its original innocence.

O The Manifest,

Give Your vision to my heart to Manifest Your Signs.

O The Most Loving One,

Give love in my heart and purify it.

O The Truth,

Prepare my heart to hold Your Truth.

O The Preserver,

Preserve my heart in its purity.

O The Accepter of Prayers, accept my prayers, since if you turn away there is none to turn to!

Surely You are the Most Clement to Your devotees.

(c) MysticSaint, Singapore

Keyword: Prayer, Spirituality, Pure Heart, Purification, Sufi.

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