Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Disappear Into Formless Trance

Why Disappear Into Formless Trance Image
"O wavering mind,"

"awaken your upward-flowing awareness."

"Become the sublime warrior Goddess Kali,"

"who moves with graceful power"

"through the vast landscape of the body."

"Her divine form, like a black storm cloud"

"illumined by the Sun"

"She stands unveiled,"

"Her long hair falling free like a monsoon rain."

"Be lost in awe of Her, oh mind,"

"for you will never comprehend Her."

"She dwells as the primal lotus of concious energy"

"and also as the thousand-petal blossom,"

"complete enlightenment."

"She is none other than primordial bliss,"

"the great swan ever swimming,"

"through the lotus jungle of the subtle body."

"Gaze intently into the blazing heart of joy"

"and you will perceive my blissful Mother,"

"matrix of all phenomena."

"The vision of Kali"

"kindles the fire of unitive wisdom,"

"burning down conventional barriers,"

"pervading minds and worlds with light"

"revealing Her exalted beauty"

"as universal flower garden"

"and universal cremation ground,"

"where lovers merge with Mother Reality"

"experiencing the single taste of nonduality."

"This ardent poet of the Goddess cries;"

"Every lover longs only"

"to gaze on the unique Beloved."

"Why close your eyes?"

"Why disappear into formless trance?"

(Ramprasad 1718-1755)

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