Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hindu Gods Hymn To Ganesha

Hindu Gods Hymn To Ganesha Image

A Renowned Five-Jeweled Hymn by

Sri Adi Sankara (798-820)

Free-Flowing Translation by J. Sethuraman

I bow to Vinayaka

Who, with glee, holds a half-eaten modaka in His hand,

Who is the ever-present means of moksha

Who has the moon as an ear ornament,

Who protects all the worlds,

Who is the single leader for those who are lost without anybody to help them,

Who destroyed the elephant demon and

Who swiftly removes the blemishes of those who bow to Him.

I seek refuge of the great Lord Vinayaka

Who is higher than the highest,

Who is everlasting,

Who is ferocious to others than those that bow to Him,

Who is resplendent as the newly rising sun,

Worshiped by both demons and Gods,

The savior of those that bow to Him from all their miseries,

The lord of all the Gods,

The lord of all wealth,

The elephant God,

And Ganesvara, the lord of the ganas.

I bow to the resplendent one

Who bestows peace to all the worlds,

Who conquered the elephant demon,

Who has not a small belly,

The excellent one,

Who has a beautiful elephant face,

Who is eternal,

Who is kind,

Who is forgiving,

Who gives happiness,

Who bestows fame and

Who satisfies every wish of those that bow to him.

I worship the ancient elephant God

who shares the misery of the poor,

the fit receptical of all the ancient prayers,

the first son of the enemy of the three cities (Shiva),

the shatterer of the pride of the demons,

the fierce destroyer of the worlds,

decorated by fire and other elements, and

whose elephant cheeks are flowing with must

(the rut that flows from the cheeks of male elephants.)

I constantly think of Him alone,

the single-tusked one,

With a lovingly brilliant tusk,

The son of the destroyer of the sacrifice (Shiva),

With a form that cannot be comprehended,

With no end,

Who tears asunder all doubts, and

Who is verily like spring to the yogis who hold Him in their hearts all the time.

One who repeats every day

The Maha Ganesha Pancharatna Stotram

With reverence

In the mornings or evenings

while holding Ganesvara in his heart

He, very quickly,

Will be joined by

Good health, blemishlessness, good fellowship, good children, long life,

and the eight vibhutis (powers).

"from "Loving Ganesa"

by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

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