Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Comet

The Comet Cover So well with word
the seducers voice was heard
o'er the whisper of the linen.

"And so,' said she,
'Let us e'er be
skyclad 'neath the Heavens".

"Dance with me sweet Temptress.
Let our limbs entwine
upon this bed so downy soft.
'Tis ours, not yours or mine.
Of what I speak
there is no Telling
For it is ever as it is not.
We have one place yet
for our dwelling
never found, yet always sought."

And so with eyes aglow
with Midnight
and a smile handsomely done,
The seducer lifted one fond finger.
Touched her breast with one fond finger.
And shuddering,
near undone,
the lady asked:

"What is it that you speak of love?
What have you and I?
Are we not here to live
and couple 'neath th' inky sky?"

Slowly tracing circles
as his mouth found hers to dine,
the lover whispered tenderly,
"We have an aeon of time."

"Say it is not true!' cried she,
'Say it is not so!
An aeon is so little
and we have so far to go!"

He held his distraught lady.
Brought his mouth down to her lips
and they touched at face and belly,
from shoulder down to hip.

"Alas it is so little,
But far more than many men
have in their meager lifetimes
and so lady, we shall begin."

Close became then closer
'til there was no light to be seen
'tween their naked bodies
flaming liquid sheen.

Upon the deepest darkest night
cast eye to the sky above
and see racing 'cross the heavens high
two lovers burning with their love.

Authored and contributed by Toadie

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