Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making Your Wand

Making Your Wand Image
What you need for your personal magick wand is a hazel stick, at least one meter long (you can use a longer one if you wish). You need to cut it of the hazel tree personally using your athame. Best time to cut it is in the night of the full Moon in the hour when it is 100% full.It should be thick enough to fit in your hand normaly.

Just before you cut the stick out chant these words:

"Permission i seek of thee,Blessed be my hand,To take what i needFrom your sacred land."

Now cut out the stick and draw the symbols of the four elements (fire, water, earth and air) on it. On one end of the stick draw the symbol of the God and on the other end you need to draw the symbol of the Goddess. You can also draw other symbols you think are important or decorate your future wand as you wish.

Now take the stick with both hands and hold it in the direction of the moon and chant:

"By the light of the moon
Through this mystic night
Blessed be this wand
In this sacred rite.

By the Guardians of the South
Oh masters of Fire
Bless this wand
Fulfill my desire.

By the Guardians of the North
Oh masters of Earth
Bless this wand
Witness its birth.

By the Guardians of the West
Oh masters of Water
Bless this wand
In your watery quarter.

By the Guardians of the East
Oh masters of Air
Bless this wand
Your power now share.

Let this sacred tool
Created in the name of Thee
Channel my will
So mote it be!"

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