Friday, March 28, 2008


Eclipse Cover by emerald groves, and silver streams
a secret glade that holds all dreams
shadowy pathways and beams of light
flow on winds from greatest height
a mist from the ocean swirls around
twisting writhing, with gracious sound
a figure emerges, blessing the eye,
stands in the center and looks to the sky

gowned in white, with hair of gold,
knowing to be one for all to behold,
silver wings fold round from behind,
and a crimson thread round her fingers twined
find her through singing, meditation or prayer,
she's crafter of water, fire, earth air

and happiest she is, when joining her there,
Our lord who beams, with sunlight so fair,

No one forgets, the day that they wed,
Moon and sun meet, an eclipse is spread

By emerald groves and silver streams,
A secret glade that holds all dreams
Shadowy pathways and beams of light,
Flow on winds from greatest height.

~Cerridwen (Sara) Contributed to Lady of the Earth by the Author

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