Sunday, March 30, 2008

For Dedication Of Items

For Dedication Of Items Cover
Pass item to be consecrated through the incense and say:

I dedicate this _________ for positive means. All negativity is removed from it in any time and space.

Repeat this process through the three remaining elements.

Now lay item down on top of pentacle. Place your palms about 1" over them, then form a triangular opening with your hands. Imagine a silver orb in the opening of your hands. Let it glow brighter and brighter. Raise the energy from your body and gently push it out between your hands and into the silver orb. With your mind, lower the orb onto the item and let it be encompassed. When the energy dissipates, say:

By the Will of the Lord and Lady I have dedicated this _________.
May their blessings shine upon and through it always.
By the free will of all
And with harm to none
As I will
So shall it be done.

Further reading (free e-books):

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