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The Correllian Times E-magazine is available free of charge. Help this project and many others - buy a supporting membership to The Correllian Times features articles, reports on events, photos, artwork, poetry, and more! To download a .pdf copy of the magazine, click on the link above. Each issue will have its own link, listed by date.

In this e-magazine you can learn more about the Correllian Tradition, its leading members, locations around the world, legally incorporated churches, and enjoy photo essays about Correllian events. The Correllian Nativist Tradition is the largest and fasted growing Wiccan Tradition in the world. Many Correllian organizations having state level incorporation in their own right include Heritage Temple, Selu Temple, Enchanted Realm Temple, and the Correll Mother Temple itself among others. The Correllian Nativist Tradition has locations in countries around the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Mexico, Belgium, Argentina, and Spain and members in many other places including Peru, Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore. The Correllian Tradition is dedicated to the advancement of the Pagan people. We believe strongly in the need for increased communication and co-operation between Pagans everywhere, from all Traditions.

We stress the importance of the Pagan Clergy as teachers and facilitators, and the need for a strong public presence. The Correllian Tradition emphasizes celebratory as well as initiatory Wicca, and is strongly committed to accessible public ritual. But perhaps the one thing that most sets Correllian Wicca apart is that we have embraced the internet as an educational tool.

Correspondence teaching is nothing new in Wicca, but we were the first to utilize the internet as a serious tool for training new initiates. This has brought great expansion and many changes to our Tradition, and we are still in the process of mastering this new teaching medium.

Correllian Wicca different from many other Traditions of Wicca is that we are a unified Tradition with a single leadership. Although increasing numbers of Correllian Temples have their own incorporation, they are they are all part of one Tradition, an inter-dependent whole which stands together as a family.

The entire world-wide Tradition has a single structure allowing us to act together as few other Traditions can. The leading bodies of the Correllian Tradition include; The Witan Council, which is made up of all Temple Heads, Elders, and Officers of the Tradition; And the Correllian Council of Elders which includes the Heads and Officers of the Tradition, and its most respected members. (Information from respected site

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