Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Am A Witch

I Am A Witch Cover In deepest night, in forest deep,
In broad daylight, awake, asleep,
I am a Witch at every hour,
Touching magick, wielding power.

I am Goddess, Neverborn;
I wear the crescent, wear the horn,
I cast the circle, raise the cone,
And pour the wine when power's flown.

"An ye harm none, do as ye will"
Heal always, never kill,
Work your will but Earth revere,
And every creature living here.

Celebrate as the Wheel turns,
Dance and leap as bale fire burns.
Sing to Goddess, Moon times three,
Drink to God, stag-horned He.

Soar upon the astral planes,
Visit woodland fairy fanes,
Swim with dolphins in the sea,
Say to all things, "I am Thee."

Live in peace with cowan folk,
Touch with magick, give them hope;
Live with kindness, die with peace,
In Summerland to find surcease.

by Amber K.

Books in PDF format to read:

Dr Leo Martello - Weird Ways Of Witchcraft
Marian Green - A Witch Alone
Alfred Elton Van Vogt - The Witch
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