Monday, January 25, 2010

The Minstrel

The Minstrel Cover (Holly Solt)

What music shall I Play
what song shall I now sing
the minstrel took a bow
and asked the royal king...

Play a song of merriment
sing a song of joy
for we have had some troubles
and this night we shall enjoy...

He plucked the merry lute strings
and he danced upon the floor
and the court heard such sweet music
as it never heard before...

The weary knights with broken bones
picked up their heavy heads
and twas well past the midnight hour
when they laid upon their beds

Even in the deepened sleep
they heard the joyous song
and forgot the wartime nightmares
and the day that had been long

What music shall you play for Him?
what song shall you now sing?
become the magic minstrel
and play before your King

Make weary Knights with broken bones
lift up their heavy heads
sing the words of truth and love
and go to those in beds

And dance a dance to celebrate
the wonder of it all
so others too may dance with you
in Heaven's wondrous Hall.

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