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Alice An Adultery

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Aleister Crowley, in "Alice, An Adultery" (Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth, 1905 E.V., p.3):

"Beneath the living cross I lie

And swoon towards eternity:

Prodigious sinewy shapes, and lean,

And curving limbs of Messaline.

"The deep arched eyes, the floating mane,-

One pierces, one wraps-in my brain:

A crown of thorn, a spear of clean

Cold fire of dying Messaline.

"Swart tangles of devouring hair,

The scorpion labyrinth and snare,

Leprous entaglements of sense,

The Imminence of the Immense.

And in the deep hard breath I draw

Kissed from her strangling mouth and maw,

I feel the floating deaths that dwell

About that citadel of hell:

A soft lewd flavour, an obscene

Mysterious self of Messaline.

"Or, in the kisses that swoop low

To catch my breath and kill me so,

I feel the ghostliness of this

Unreal shuttle-game-the kiss!

Her moving body sobs above,

And calls its lechery true love.

Out from the flame of heart she plucks

One flower of fiery light, and sucks

Its essence up within her lips.

And flings it into mine, and dips

And bends her body, writhes and swims

To link the velvet of our limbs,

My drouthy passion worn and keen,

And lusty life of Messaline.

"The heart's blood in her boiling over

She sucked from many a dying lover:

The purple of her racing veins

Leapt from some soul's despairing pains.

She drinks up life as from a cup;

She drains our health and builds it up

Into her body; takes our breath,

And we-we dream not it is death!

Arm unto arm and eye to eye,

Breast to great breast and thigh to thigh.

We look, and strain, and laugh, and die.

I see the head hovering above

To swoop for cruelty or love;

I feel the swollen veins below

The knotted throat: the ebb and flow

Of blood, not milk, in breasts of fire:

Of deaths, not fluctuants, of desire:

Of molten lava that abides

Deep in the vast volcanic sides;

Deep scars where kisses once bit in

Below young mountains that be twin,

Stigmata cruciform of sin,

The diary of Messaline.

"The moving mountains crater-crowned;

The valleys deep and silver-bound:

The girdle treacherously wound;

One violet-crested mounded mole,

Some blood-stain filtered from the soul;

The light and shadow shed between

My soul and God from Messaline.

"And even as a dark and hidden

Furnace roars out in woods forbidden,

A sullen tide of molten steel

Runs from deep furrows in the wheel;

So from afar one central heat

Sends the loud pulse to fever beat;

So from one crown and heart of fire

Spring the vast phantoms of desire,

Impossible and epicene,

Familiar souls of Messaline.

"And as, when thunder broods afar

Imperial destinies of war

Men see the haze and heat, and feel

The sun's rays like a shaft of steel.

Seeing no sun; even so the night

Clouds that deep miracle from sight:

Until this destiny be done

Hangs the corona on the sun;

And I absorbed in those unclean

Ghost-haunted veins of Messaline."

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