Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kwan Yin Invocation

Kwan Yin Invocation Image
I call upon the goddess Kwan Yin,

The great Mother of Compassion and love,

She who hears and answers the cries of all our hearts;

She who carries the pearl of wisdom

And pours forth a stream of healing waters.

Oh compassionate one, please bless me with your spiritual peace

Oh Mother of Mercy, Kwan Yin.

You who hears the weeping of the world

And comforts our souls

Come to answer our prayers!

Come to soothe our pain!

Compassionate goddess, who never refuses a prayer,

We ask for peace,

For the banishment of anger, fear, and hatred,

For your love and for your compassion

To be poured upon the Earth and all of us

Oh gracious Kwan Yin,

We ask for your blessing today and every day.

With love and compassion,

Be with me now, I pray!

Oh blessed Kwan Yin

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