Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blessing Your Morning Coffee Ritual

Blessing Your Morning Coffee Ritual Image
In the morning, when you make your coffee, this is a great chant to chant while making it! What you'll need: a brown or white candle, ideally a coffee scented one, a coffee perculator, some coffee beans and a coffee grinder.

Light the candle. While grinding the coffee beans, chant this first verse:

"Yummy yummy coffee bean,

Fill my mug with hot caffeine.

Coffee, coffee, quickly send

Hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate blend."

If you don't have a grinder, just chant that verse over it. While putting the grinds in the machine, chant:

"Sun is rising, Great God Ra,

Your falcon wings bring me java.

Goddess Bast, your rattle shakes the grains

Of morning brew running through my veins."

While putting your sugar and cream in your favourite mug (while the coffee is brewing) chant:

"Bit of cream instead of milk,

Turns my coffee into silk.

Allow me a taste of sugar,

Without it my coffee is vulgar."

As you're mixing your coffee, chant:

"Rising sun's gift, all this caffeine,

Kitchen's percolator, supreme machine.

So Below, As Above,

This cup of coffee, I do love."

Now enjoy your perfect cup of coffee!

- Submitted by Cerridwen Moon

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