Thursday, January 12, 2012

Solitary Transitioning

Solitary Transitioning Image
This specifically was created as a self-dedication to the Solitary path...A little background on me to have it make sense. The Lady gave me a kick in the butt at Samhain that if I did not go solitary and begin caring for myself, and doing my own work, I wouldn't be able to keep going...internal stuff having to do with compulsive care giving and a rather extended feeling of depression and ineffectiveness....I am 3rd degree, I am a White Horse Tribal elder, I gave up my coven and my teaching grove and started working by myself...and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

I feel a little odd posting it, but enjoy.

Shadow-Facing/Solitary Ritual
by medusa

Circle casting-
Ravaged Kore, holds together by will
barren Demeter, Demeter of Tears
Hecate, Crown of Bones, Cauldron of Wisdom..
Keep thic circle safe
Keep this circle together
Keep this here, in the borders, safe,
as I cannot
Keeping it in will kill me.

Tornado and desert wind
Winds of a force to banish delusion
Winds to blow sands of denial away
Winds hot and cold, harsh and gentle
Be here.....

Forest fire, volcano
Coals and white-hot fire
Burn me, let me feel something
Burn me, down to the bones
Burn me, Warm me, Come back to me
Let me feel
Let me will again, let me Be
Be here.

Tidal Wave, hurricane, thunderstorm on my skin
Let tears come
Salve my soul or drown me,
but no more tidal pools.
No mosquito laden pools, none.
Never again.
Be here, moving water.

Bones and roots,
Steel, blood, and life
Ancient ancestors
by all that is holy
keep me from dying.
Aside from that,
I will not ask you for safety
or shelter for my soul.
Walls have done me too much harm.
Be here.


Three-faced Lady
be here for your child
be here for your broken one
be here, hold me, carry me
love me, let me know you're here.
May I never lose you again.

Lord in all your faces
hold me in your strong arms
warm me, be here for your silent one
show me paths through the underworld
into your Sun.
May I never lose you again.

(place scarf over head)
This is where I have been.
This is where I am, by my will.

(cut finger with athame, put blood on cakes)
This is my bond to myself
This is my vow to myself
This is my strength, listening to my blood.
This will be my saving,
Ingesting my inner nature.
I will face this shadow and know it.
By my Will, so mote it be.

I ask that the Lady and Lord bless me,
Keep me safe through this journey.
I dedicate myself as a solitary to this journey,
to travel this path for as long as it takes to know my destination and get there.
And keep going.
In the presence of the Mighty Ones, this I vow.
So mote it Be.

(trancing, cakes and wine, devocations, etc...I wrote in my journal during this circle, too.)

For those who would use this. It is a small piece of my soul. Please change it so it is a mirror of your soul, rather than being exactly as I've posted it.
And let me know what you think.

Blessed Be,
Walk on your Paths safely,

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