Friday, July 20, 2012

Drinking Cold Water

Drinking Cold Water Image
Almost twenty years

Since you put on your one good dress

And lay down in the shale hills of Pennsylvania.

What you expected from life was nothing much,

And it came

And so it was.

In California I mourned and then forgot,

Though sometimes, in a mirror,

I saw someone walk from the weeds,

Stepping from a shine of water,

And it was you, shining.

Tonight I brought my bundle of years

To an empty house.

When I opened it, a boy walked out,

Drinking cold water, watching the

Moon rise slim and shining over your house.

Whatever it was I wanted

Must have come and gone.

Twenty years, grandmother.

Here I stand

In the poverty of my feet,

And I know what you'd do:

You'd enter your black shawl,

Step back into the shadows of your hair.

And that's no help tonight

All I can think of is your house-

The pump at the sink

Spilling a trough of clear

Cold water from the well-

And you, old love,

Sleeping in your dark dress

Like a hard, white root.

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