Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Firing Line

The Firing Line Cover There's a firing line that crosses our heart
So, How close to this line do we need to get
Before it's crossed over and we begin to sweat
Please, Just tell me my spot on the wall
Where should I stand / How should I fall
If I'm up there, Who's got the gun
When do they load
Take aim & let go.
It's really not fair Someone's standing in my spot
That great Little spot that I Thought just for me
Why won't he listen so I can be FREE
It's a simple request that he needs to hear
"Move over now buddy" My time is real near
You see I want to go for my Line Has Been Crossed
The older you get the thicker your lines
Yet, The Love you can feel is much more intense
Everyone should take chances with their own Firing Line
It's a part of your body a part of your mind
Don't worry now for your spot will be there
The question for you is, "When To Prepare."

(c. Roy Rindom, June 6, 1994)

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