Sunday, February 1, 2009

Charge Of The Sun God

Charge Of The Sun God Cover
I am He who rides the dawn wave
to break on the Western Shore.

I am the Spear, the flight of birds
I am the Sword, the scent of battle
I am the Shield, guardian of fertile earth.

My blood is the golden tide that awakens the Land
My heart the red rending of sacrifice to come.

I give green gift to the leaves of the trees
Yet shroud my face lest they fall too soon,
For Might and Mercy are within me
And Honour is my domain

I am the budding horns of kid and kine
I run with hooves of burnished bronze
Across fields that ripen at my touch

I am Lord of Forest and Field
My chariot, the endless sky
I am the core of men and the sum of all
And I stand in the rays of the Sun.

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