Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Religion Belief Come To Me With That Which I Have Not

Religion Belief Come To Me With That Which I Have Not Image
Answering to the call of the devotee,

the Beloved One whispers in his heart:

"Come to Me with that which I have not"

Searching all over,

in fiery deserts, cold mountains,

in dark forests, wide cities or in sleepy villages,

to scholars and to lay men alike

the devotee finds nothing that God has not.

The agony of vain search knows no bounds.

until one day bursting forth like thousand suns,

the truth manifests.

"Come with the poverty of your heart.

Empty your heart so that only

and only the Beloved remains

and may take His seat forever on the Heart Throne.

Know O devotee:

it is only poverty that God has not.

So come with a pure soul bathed in poverty,

as one who has nothing

and who wants nothing

but the Beloved only."

(c) MysticSaint

5 Sept 06, Singapore

Dedicated to Sister Aisha Virginia Gray, a beautiful soul. My tribute to her lifelong dedication to the spiritual dimension of life and imparting this through teaching and publishing.

She is the co-founder and trustee of the Islamic Texts Society. Her other publishing companies, Fons Vitae and Quinta Essentia, publishes books on world religions, spirituality and art.

This poem was inspired from a talk that she gave at Darul Arqam, Singapore on 5th Sept 2006 on 'Path to the Heart'. May Beloved Lord shower Infinite Mercy on her path and journey 'Home'.[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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