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Online Full Moon Ritual

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Sit calmly, breath with relaxation..
Let the cares and stresses of the day wear off...
let the cares and stresses flow away from you..
Feel yourself surrounded by a warm and gentle orb...
of blue-white light...
Gentle, restful, protective...
Feel it expand... Feel it connect with your friends and
companions within Circle...
Feel it Circle around you; around all of us...
East, to South, to West, to North... To East again.
(visualize: face to the east): Hail, powers of Air!
We invite you to our Circle
A breath of air
A morning's gentle breeze --
Forethought and knowledge,
Hail & Welcome!

(Face to the South): Oh spirits of the South...
Ancient ones of Fire...
I call you to attend this Circle...
Charge this by your powers...
Hail and Welcome!

(Face to the West): Hail, powers of Water!
We invite you to our Circle
A drop of dew
The evening's tidal sweep --
Hail & Welcome!
(face to the North): Hail, oh powers of the Earth...
Ancient ones of Gaia born...
I call upon you to attend this Circle...
Charge this by your powers, Old Ones...
Hail! and Welcome!

Invoke into your heart and into this our Circle
The bright Lady of New Beginnings.
The Maiden who sings the joys of Spring to come
The Mother who brings nurturance, love and guidance.
Hail, bright Lady; we welcome thee!
Invoke into your heard and into this our Circle
The Oak King
Growing as a sapling
Growing strong.
A child at heart, learning, searching, in true Discovery.
Hail, bright Lord; we welcome thee!
According to Sun Bear, this Moon is the Moon of Rest and
Cleansing, following upon the Moon of Earth Renewal. The
animal is the Otter, and the plant, the Quaking Aspen.
Its mineral is silver.
In the Celtic tree calendar, as reported by Graves, this
full Moon falls in the month of Luis, signified by the Rowan
tree, and by the Tourmaline. Its attribute is Quickening.
Those who follow astrology know this is the month of
Aquarius, the Water Bearer; the fixed sign of Air.
According to Z Budapest, the Full Moon aspect of February is
the red and cleansing wild Moon. Life quickens now. It isa time of
purification, of growth, of the stimulation of all living things.
It is a healing time. It brings in the wind of the New.
Its flower: the primose and the violet. Its animal: the
duck and the otter. Its stone: the amethyst.
It is appropriate at this time to do workings; workings for
things we may wish to see in our lives, and in the world in
general. It is a time for healing. It is a time for growth.
I ask each of you to think of those things you wish to work
on,-- you may speak or keep them silent, as you will...
Speak first of new beginnings and things of growth for the
world at large. Then, speak of those new beginnings and
things of growth and healing for people or events closer to
home. And, yes, speak of those beginnings and things of
growth for you yourself. After we finish mentioning all of
our workings, we will repeat a phrase -- visualize the
energy, through the hand of the Goddess, flowing into the
things we seek, imbuing them with constructive energy.
(Please note that most Witches consider it unethical to work
healings or other magic for specific people without first
asking their permission).
(When I start doing the chant (which begins with "We all
come from the Goddess"
), others may copy me, or jump ahead
if they are familiar with it...
I will tell you when to visualize the energy peaking.)
-- mention things in your mind or in print that you wish to
allow to grow/heal:

I wish for a healing...
of the youth of this country...
that they may find the peace that they need...
to learn to live in harmony...
and to be the "future" of this world...
and for myself the patience...
to wait for direction...
in my life path...
and a healthy mind and body..
for the coming year.

I wish for the earth's healing...
the pain in the environment to be turned around...
an understanding of the nature of this planet upon which we live.
I wish to know and be known by love and compassion.

I wish for this world.....
the ability to be calm...
as we learn to work with each other.....
the earth.....
and ourselves.

We all come from the Goddess
And to her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean.

We all come from the Goddess..
and to her we shall return...
Like a drop of rain...Flowing to the ocean.

We all come from the Goddess
And to her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean.

We all come from the Goddess...
and the her we shall return...
Like a drop of rain...
Flowing to the ocean.

Feel the energy; rising up; rising up; rising up!
Drink in the energy...
Take your glass of water, know that it is energized,
and drink!
Take a quiet moment to pause and reflect.
Oak King, Sapling growing strong...
Playful lord, in the growing time of your cycle...
Thank you for your presence here...
Hail, and Farewell!
Bright Maiden, singing your songs of Spring nearly afoot...
Gracious Mother, You of love and nurturance and guidance..
We thank you for your presence here..
We thank you for your blessings...
Hail, and Farewell!
Powers of Air!
We thank you for your fresh breath!
Hail, and Farewell!

Powers of Fire!
We thank you for you strength!
Hail and Farewell!

Powers of Water!
We thank you for your healing compassion!
Hail, and farewell!
Powers of the Earth!
We thank you for your sustenance and nurturance!
Hail and farewell!

The blue-white glow that surronds us all...
begins to retract...
slowly, slowly...
Fire seal the Circle round
Let it fade beneath the ground
Let all things be as they were
Since the beginning of time.
Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!

Blessed Be!

The Ritual has concluded; Bright Blessings; Blessed Be!

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