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She Decides To Give To Spirit

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Subj : Coming of Age pt1/3

This is part Arwen Nightstar

Coming of Age For A Young Woman

Astrological Aspects: A New Moon in Virgo would be lovely,
but any New Moon will do. New Moon calls up the Maiden
aspect and celebrates the power of growth. Just as planting
is best served under a New Moon, so is a maiden's awakening.
Perhaps a New Moon that reflects the maiden's own moon
sign would be appropriate since emotions are so prevalent
at this age.

Preparations: Two or three days before the ritual, ask
the maiden if she is prepared to step into womanhood.
Inform her that she must make a sacrifice to prove her
willingness to the Lady and the Lord. This sacrifice will
be five of her favorite toys. It is important that she
understand that these must be cherished items. Of course,
she should not have to relinquish family heirlooms! Ask the
maiden to designate each item for each point of the pentagram.
The item she decides to give to Spirit should be the hardest to
give up. When she has mad her decisions, tell her the day and
the time of the ritual. She will keep her items until that
day. On the day of the ceremony, the maiden will bring her
toys with her to her cleansing bath and give them to the HPS
(High Priestess)

Day of Circle: Ask the maiden if she will fast until circle.
(Fast time should be at least six hours, but no longer than
ten hours. It doesn't seem appropriate to encourage eating
disorder patterns.
) Of course, she can have water and fruit
as she deems necessare. Two hours before the ritual, prepare
a a bath for her. (She should already have bathed with soap
and water. Into the water, place an infusion of Lady's Mantle,
HEather, Rose, Jasmine, and Gardenia. As the maiden enteres
the water, recite these words (or something similar)
"The bud of your youth is maturing into the bloom of womanhood"
Then leave her to relax and meditate on her journey. (If the
young woman is too shy to be seen naked, recite the words to
her just before she disrobes for her bath.
) A designated helper
could be either the eldest female covener or any covener the
maiden chooses. When the young woman feels ready, the helper
will bring a simple gown of white, sleeveless, moderate lenght
and bind her waist with a red cord saying....
"Red of life, red of blood, I wrap you in the Lady's love"
Take the maiden to a darkened room (one or two candles) and
let her meditate in silence. The helper will remain outside
the room.

Circle Preparations: The altar should be an infusion of white,
pink and flowers. Have a maiden Goddess and a Pan Lord if
at all possible. A single rose bud could represent the Lady.
At each quarter place flowers as well as the maiden's toy for
each direction. The covenors who will be representing the quarters
should be masked with representations of their roles. Also, at
each quarter, but hidden, should be the gifts from the quarters.
These gifts will be nice (but not necessarily expensive) since
they will help carry the maiden into womanhood. In the east
will be a feather or a fan. In the south will be a thurible or
a candle. In the west will be a chalice or a cup. In the north
will be a large crystal or stone. To represent the Spirit a
cloth-covered mirror on the altar is needed. The coven should be
wearing red robes for the women and green for the men and all
those past fertility should wear black.

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