Saturday, July 5, 2008

Daily Invocation And Blessing

Daily Invocation And Blessing Cover
Thou art the King who reigns within,
The jester and the Friar,
The maiden child, innocent and bold,
The mother, crone and liar.

Thou art the meaning of success,
The flash that doeth inspire,
The holy beam of golden light,
The flickering of the fire.

Thou are the glory of the day,
The beautiful song of birds,
The light that glowest in the dark,
The poet, and the words.

And every single day I see,
In every star that shines,
With fear and wonder, joy and love,
That thee and me combines.

For in the end we are one,
The Lady and the Lord,
The spirit and the great God,
The truth I'm moving toward.

So in the day that lies ahead,
To every man and tree,
To members of the fairy lands
Bright blessing be to we.

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