Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Equinox

The Equinox Cover

Book: The Equinox by Aleister Crowley

The Equinox (subtitle: The Review of Scientific Illuminism) is a series of publications in book form that serves as the official organ of the A.·.A.·., the mystical order of aleister crowley (although material is often of import to its sister organization, Ordo Templi Orientis). Begun in 1909, it remains one of the definitive works on occultism and magick, while several issues also contain poetry, fiction, plays, artwork, and biographies. The last issue was published in 1998, although two new editions are currently being prepared for publication.

WITH the publication of this REVIEW begins a completely new adventure in the history of mankind. Whatever knowledge may previously have been imputed to men, it has always been fenced in with conditions and restrictions. The time has come to speak plainly, and so far as may be in the language of the multitude.

Thus, the Brothers of the A. A. announce themselves without miracle or mystery. It is easy for every charlatan to perform wonders, to bewilder and even to deceive not only fools but all persons, however shrewd, untrained in observation; nor does the trained observed always succeed instantly in detecting the fraud. Again, what the A. A. propose to do is to enable such men as are capable of advancement to a higher Interpretation of manhood to do so; and the proof of their ability lies in their success, and not in any other irrelevant phenomenon. The argument from miracles is a non sequitur.

Nor is there anything mysterious in the A. A.; one must not confuse the mysterious with the unknown. Some of the contents of this REVIEW may be difficult or impossible to understand at first, but only in the sense that Homer is unintelligible to a person ignorant of Greek.

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